Sex position #198. Leopard

Sex position #198 - Leopard. (from behind, sitting, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Sexual desire is a real hunger, which can be satisfied only with the help of the male partner, the same passionate, insatiable and playful, as you yourself. The man sits down at his feet and leans backwards a little. He props himself up with his hand. The woman sits on the penis and leans forward, her legs spread apart and the feet are next to the male partner’s legs. She puts hands in front of her and uses them for support, leans a bit, the male partner puts his free hand on her buttocks and moves them to the rhythm of his quickened movements.

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  1. Nicole

    this position was mind blowing and surprised both my lover and i with a quick orgasm.
    I am dating a much older, handsome 54 year old man who has the most beautiful cock that I have ever seen! believe me when I say he knows how to use it to satisfy me. We repositioned into this position and to my surprise it only took a few thrusts before he filled me with his seed

    1. Sarab

      You are a whore

    2. Esther

      Which position there are so many on this site

  2. mary

    Arent we all whore’s and sluts lustful people?

  3. Shawna

    Who comes to a Kamasutra website to insult people for being sexual with their partners? You probably have to masturbate. Google the definition of an “Incel”
    That is what you are

  4. Mr Thick

    Putting this down on the wife tonight….then cut in here ass

  5. Horny a lot

    I would give any to see my sexual fantasies comes what want try out when having sex with a women I wish they would give me chance

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