Sex position #148. Plaid

Sex position #148 - Plaid. (kneeling, sideways). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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The bodies are as if covered with each other, they are so hot and excited, you do not need any words, the most important thing is to feel pleasant warmth throughout the body and go to the same goal that is an inevitable orgasm. The male partner lies on his side, he holds the upper part of his body on his elbow, his one leg is bent at the knee, the other one is straight. The woman lies on her side with her face to the man, she holds the upper part of her body on her elbow, the legs are bent at the knees, she throws one of them on the partner’s waist. The man puts his hand on the buttocks of his mistress and presses her against his penis, for deeper penetration as much as possible.

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