Sex position #490. Snake charmer

Sex position #490 - Snake charmer (on the chair). (oral sex, blowjob, kneeling). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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In India, snake charmers hypnotize snakes by playing and waving around an instrument. Hypnotize your man and make him wild with an incredible blowjob. The man sits on the edge of a chair with straight legs and outstretched arms. His palms are on the edges of the furniture. His body is leaned back. The woman kneels down between her partner’s legs and bends her upper body bringing her face closer to the man’s penis. She alternates caressing the penis with her hands and mouth.


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  1. Tom

    My lady and I have decided to take challenge and see if we can complete all in one year by trying a minimum of 1 a day knowing we will have double are triple up some days to make up time …

    1. Mika Miro author

      It’s a pretty complicated challenge!))

    2. Suvo Das

      Best idea. it make your sex life too much happier.

    3. Earl

      Tom are you still alive or together with your lady? Tell us if you completed the challenge.

    4. Jill

      I really doubt you have ever had sex Tom… be real

  2. Eddiebmore

    Its good to see that the positions you display are some of what I thought I created. Nevertheless! I need to find a women flexible and willing to try those positions

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