Sex position #80. Avalanche

Sex position #80 - Avalanche. (criss cross, from behind, man on top, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Burning feeling of desire increases more and more, it seems that soon it will burst, tremors in arms and knees is not a hindrance, because you are like an avalanche, which can not be stopped. The woman stands in doggy-style holding her head straight. The man hangs over her body in horizontal position, leaning on his palms from one side and the tips of his toes on the other side. This position is more suitable for men with good physical preparation. He can also lean on bed or something high, which will slightly reduce the load to surrender more to feelings.

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    My wife is in fo a fun couple days, im gonna have to put these together like a game plan. I told her we are playing for at least 2 days, i love the reactions i get from her during sex, i yry yo make it begter for her in yurn its great for me… thanks for the ideas

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    Done both Avalanche and Praying mantis with my girlfriend last night during anal, needless to say we both loved it and my balls exploded while still inside her as I didn’t have time to pull out at climax as I usually do due to complexity of the position.
    Thank you very much for this.

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    Fast Rick

    I tried “The Avalanche” with my gf last night and she called the cops on me.

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    I don’t see the jack hammer and that’s awesome psotion

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    Nofficer Norange

    This was amazing. My husband came generously and fruitfully over my pulsating cock.

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