Sex position #75. Symphony

Sex position #75 - Symphony . (blowjob, lying down, oral sex). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

Many men love oral sex and try to persuade a woman to such kind of intimacy. If you practice this kind of sex, it should not be banal, this position must be noted. The man lies on his back, his head is on a pillow, he lifts the straight legs up, he takes his hips on the inside and drives them apart. The woman sits in front of the male partner on her feet, leans forward, puts her hands on the man’s buttocks and actually makes mouth movements, and also stimulates the penis with hands.

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  1. Kathalappa G Panala

    Comment…Every info is as important as routine sex

    1. paul

      great position, full effect. defiant nice sex, very horny.

  2. famelia maya

    sex is better i want it go to my home now

    1. Raj

      I am ready for you

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