Sex position #74. Shell

Sex position #74 - Shell. (cunnilingus, lying down, oral sex). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

Prelude can be quite diverse, and this option is ideal for warming up, or even the full satisfaction of your female partner, she is sure to be satisfied. The woman lies on her side, on the elbow she lifts the upper part of her body, her legs are bent in knees and driven apart, but the feet are together. The man lies on his side so that his head is between the woman’s legs next to her crotch, the upper part of the body he lifts on the hand bent in elbow, with the second hand he can caress the female partner between the legs or stroke her thigh.

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  1. Julie

    Is there any other things that you can suggest for big people that cant do them moves?

  2. Brad

    Either lose weight and take some yoga classes or try some easier positions

  3. Layyyyyla

    Ouch dick!

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