Sex position #509. Tea bag – 2

Be careful
Sex position #509 - Tea bag - 2 (on the bed). (oral sex, blowjob, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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It’s easy to give his penis all the loving, but don’t leave his testicles out in the cold. The Tea bag – 2 is another sex position to enjoy his toe-curling reaction. The female partner lies on her back on the bed with her head hanging off the edge. One of her legs is straight, the second leg is slightly bent at the knee. The male partner slightly bends his legs at the knees and places them on the bed sides. His legs are spread wide apart, as there should be some space between the testicles and the bed. The woman wraps her hands around his hips and slips her face under her lover’s crotch partner. He covers her breasts with the palms, squeezes and wiggles them, enjoying himself.

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