Sex position #69. Bud

Sex position #69 - Bud. (man on top, right angle). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

Between two experienced partners who take care of each other’s feelings there just can not be losers, they are definitely in a profitable position. The woman lies down on her back, bends her legs and presses her knees tight to her breast. The man sits down behind the woman and places her left footstep on his left shoulder making a support, and the right leg is put freely on his shoulder. Hands of the female partner are on his thighs, he exercises movements on swinging. They set an eye contact as eyes of the partners are directed on each other.

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  1. niggersucker69

    garbage ass positions

    1. Asiansucker69

      I do not appreciate the inappropriate name. I will ask my dad who runs to ban you.

      1. Admin (Post author)

        Daddy has already heard you, my son!)

  2. can't believe this

    This is what you chose for position 69? Really?

  3. Luana


  4. Orson Krennic

    We were on the verge of greatness we were this close

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