Sex position #386. Chinese art

Be careful
Sex position #386 - Chinese art (on the armchair). (woman on top, sitting). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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China has a long history of using women as objects of art. In this kinky position, the man is going to employ his woman as object of sex. Be careful, while having sex in this position. There is the risk of falling down the armchair and getting injured. The man sits on the armrest, bends his legs and puts them on the seat. The woman sits on the hips of her partner face to face. Her knees rest on the armrests and tiptoes on the seat. With one hand, the female partner grabs the back of the armchair, the other hand is placed on the armrest. Her body is leaned backwards as much as possible. The male partner puts his hands on her breast to caress it. He goes slowly bringing the lady to orgasm.

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