Sex position #323. Truck

Be careful
Sex position #323 - Truck (on the armchair). (right angle, sitting). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Driving fast cars is man’s favourite hobby. However, it is the second top-ranked. The first is lovemaking, of course. So, shut up and drive! The male partner sits comfortably in an armchair with his legs bent at the knees and driven apart as wide as possible. The woman sits on his penis atop facing the man. She completely rests the upper part of her body on his knees. She slips her legs under her elbows and hanging them down. The female partner grabs her lover’s arms just above his elbows. With his hands, he supports her back to make sexual intercourse pretty comfortable and safe.

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  1. Avatar photo
    Maggie agarwal

    My girl is asking why the name of this position is truck?

    1. Mika Miro
      Mika Miro author

      You’ll laugh at me, but there were so many sex positions that I just ran out of ideas for titles. I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Any ideas?)

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