Sex position #322. Сanadian

Sex position #322 - Сanadian. (anal sex, doggy style, from behind, rear entry, kneeling). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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This position is a unique take on Doggy style that requires more leg strength from the male partner, but gives a different penetration angle. The woman stands on one knee. Her second leg is bent and raised onto tiptoes. One hand she puts on her buttocks, the other one she places on the floor for balance and support. The man is behind her, standing on one knee. His second leg remains straight and is thrown aside. The male partner takes in his palm breasts or buttocks of his lady to play and fondle them during the love game. The man enjoys being in control in this position which can used for both rear-entry vaginal intercourse and anal sex. If he’s a “butt guy”, he’s going to like it even more.

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  1. Barry

    I would do this with my wife if she hadn’t left me for Richard

    1. Richard

      linda’s mine you cocksucker

    2. Linda

      i’m taking the kids, barry. richard’s already signed the adoption papers

      1. The Adoption Paper

        We dont accept the kids.

        1. shadow

          this is truly the most moment ever

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