Sex position #278. Fantasy

Sex position #278 - Fantasy (on the ball). (anal sex, from behind, right angle, kneeling). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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This position makes for quite the show, and opens the female up for full, deep exposure. Slightly animalistic, there’s something delicious and alluring about it. It is a deep sex position for ultimate pleasure that places both parties in contact with one another. The woman lies on her side on the fitness ball. Her arm and leg are on the floor. She puts the other hand on the ball near the waist to balance the body and lifts her second leg. The man kneels down so that her leg is between his thighs. He throws her raised leg on his shoulder. With one hand, he embraces the lover. He grabs her thigh with his second hand and makes her vagina burn, melt, and flow like wax.

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  1. Dave

    Some of my favorite positions all on one page. Deeper penetration and strong orgasms.

    1. Sdalton

      No I don’t believe you. It’s not possible! People don’t do those things…

      1. Mika Miro author

        Don’t draw global conclusions based only on your experience)

    2. Sdalton

      Sorry shouldn’t of bothered you your probably a jag off who don’t care about women after you love them anyways enjoy you self guy

      1. shadow

        what the fuck happened here

  2. Sdalton

    Thanks for reminding me why I quit caring about the man package

  3. Sdalton

    I’m sure it’s so meaningful for you

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