Sex position #47. Magic Mountain

Sex position #47 - Magic Mountain. (from behind, kneeling, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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It is a lazy version of sex when the woman has a headache. You can simply invite her to watch her favorite TV series and quietly get closer. The female partner lies on her belly, lifts the torso on his elbows, legs slightly pushed, bending one of them. The male partner is behind her so that straight leg of the woman is between his legs. He puts one arm over her buttocks and caresses her crotch with another arm, if he slightly leans forward, puts hand on her breast or holds the hair, and then the couple will have a hard sex.

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  1. Ramakanta


  2. Josh

    I do this position a lot with my wife but I have her bring that right knee as far up to her chest as possible, deeper penetration that way.

  3. Charles Lesa

    I love the style.

  4. Olaf

    It’s a very nice position, my wife loves it. Always brings a lot of pleasure to her as well as me. I would recommend it.

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