Sex position #123. Mirage

Sex position #123 - Mirage. (blowjob, kneeling, man on top, oral sex). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Many couples rarely do oral sex, thinking that it is monotonous and uninteresting. There are so many positions for oral satisfaction of the partners, and here is one of them. The man ceases on all fours, with support on his knees and hands. His arms are straight and placed at shoulder width. The woman lies down with her head between his legs on her back, with her hands she takes him by the buttocks, legs are bent in knees and driven apart. In this position the woman herself can move, as well as her male partner, making swaying motions with her pelvis.

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    gonna try this in the clown motel

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    I like to do something a little different, I like to do a handstand and put my legs around his neck while I’m sucking so I can feel his tongue in my clit, his lips caressing my vagina, his mouth eating my pussy, him licking from my vagina up to my lower back, his teeth biting my ass cheek, his hands holding my hips Sticking his face inbetween my upper thighs, his fingers slowly going up,and when uses his hands to open me and licks me EVERYWHERE. It starts off with him caressing my hips and tearing off my clear panties and rubbing his dick in my face.

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