Sex position #92. Screwdriver

Sex position #92 - Screwdriver. (doggy style, from behind, kneeling, man on top, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Learn to control sex not by your mind, but by desires. Only you can make it unforgettable, or just an ordinary, do not rush to bring the process to the logical end. The woman gets on all fours, her legs are driven apart and feet are together, arms are extended forward, bent in elbows, breasts touch the floor, chin is raised. The man is located behind his female partner, stands on one knee between her legs, the second man’s leg is thrown over the buttocks of his darling and is on the floor. The man keeps one hand on his female partner buttocks, the other one is on her back.


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  1. manoj kumar

    very hard

  2. maggie

    Comment…it seems to be sweet

    1. Michael

      Hi Maggie it sure does… Would you like to try this position together & see how Sweet it is?

    2. Michael

      Hi Maggie. I like your profile picture you have a very pretty smile. If your interested in trying that position email me. I’ll give you my phone number so we can talk to get to know each other & swap some pictures of ourselves with each other.

  3. Jacqueline N Ivory

    Love to try this position with Rome Major

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