Sex position #264. Sleeping beauty

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Sex position #264 - Sleeping beauty. (anal sex, from behind, rear entry, man on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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In the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty princess woke up after being kissed by a prince. The Sleeping Beauty sex position is a way to wake up and enhance desire, intensify passion and elevate sexual energy. The female partner lies on her belly on a pillow with the buttocks arched towards the lover’s penis. Her arms are bent in elbows and placed behind the head, legs are straight and slightly driven apart. The man is located behind the lady. He stands on one knee and puts this leg near the woman’s buttocks. The second man’s leg is straight and placed between lady’s hips. The man keeps outstretched arms on the surface, on both sides of the female’s breasts, to balance his body.

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