Sex position #210. Prison Guard

Sex position #210 - Prison Guard. (doggy style, from behind, rear entry, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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In your hands there is a real hostage, with who you can do anything, to please, to love, to drive to madness, most importantly, do not forget to pre-discuss the acceptable limit, so that she would not want to run away from you. The man stands with feet at shoulders width. The female partner stands back to him, legs are slightly apart and bent in knees, the body is bent forward, hands are pulled behind the back. The male partner takes with his hands the woman’s wrists and penetrates in her from behind. This position will be appreciated by the men who like to dominate, if the woman does not mind, why not.

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    Prison guard is the best

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    big surprise to my sexy chicks

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    It’s so easy to tell how many kids are on this site. Anyone who’s had sex knows most of these positions are so cumbersome that you spend so much time focusing on what your doing that you can’t enjoy it.. Take this “Prison Guard” position for instance. Most men are taller than the woman so here he’d need his knees bent the entire time or she’d need to stand on a stool of some sort, in which case every time you push against her she’s going to be losing her balance and you’d need to hold her hands so she doesn’t fall on her face. This is the case for every position where either person is required to stand or kneel and for every position that depends on a table top, mattress, couch, or whatever. They all would need to be made to fit or one or both will need to stand or kneel on something or keep his knees bent the entire time. Anyone with experience knows keeping your knees bent doesn’t take long before your legs start shaking and you can no longer hold your own weight let alone hold hers too. I’m not saying people’s legs shouldn’t shake, but it should be from pleasure not from any kind of strain.

    1. Mika Miro
      Mika Miro author

      1. The purpose of this website is to collect all the sex positions presented on the Internet, including porn. And in porn, as we know, a lot of things that in real life are difficult to realize))). Porn is a show (you have to understand that). Nevertheless, we all love the show)).

      I agree that there are enough sex positions on this site that have little to do with sexual pleasure, but they are fun to look at. They are what make our site not only useful, but interesting))

      2. As for sex position #210. Prison Guard, I’m honestly surprised that you wrote this comment here and not, for example, under these positions which are much more unbelievable than this one.)

      This position is quite doable and quite comfortable. All those difficulties you’re talking about can easily be solved by spreading the legs apart. The man just stands on straight relaxed legs (the woman also) and spreads them as much as he wants to lower himself. The woman does the same. And you don’t have to strain at all to stand on bent legs or put the girl on a stack of books)))

      To sum it up, you don’t have to repeat exactly what’s shown here in the picture. Just take the ideas and tweak them to fit you. That’s it!)

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    I love the prison guard

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