Sex position #209. Captain

Sex position #209 - Captain. (kneeling, right angle). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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During the intercourse, you need to “ignite” your partner, give him inner warmth and kindle the spark that will not let you get to sleep until the very morning in each other’s arms. The woman lies on her back, legs are straight and lifted up. The male partner sits down on his knees next to the woman’ buttocks, legs are driven wide. With his hands, the man takes his partner’s ankles and spreads her legs apart, he sees very exciting view. With one hand the woman caresses her crotch, the other one she puts on the male partner’s thigh and gently strokes it.

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    I am 23 yr old. My penis size is L=6.2 in and W=5.2 in. Is it well or not. If not then what should I do?

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        Mom? What are you doing on here? And why are you so bad at typing?

    2. Your Dad

      Your penis is about half the size of the average mans. There is something wrong with it. You need to see a doctor.

    3. Vishal

      U should once visit a doctor..they will give u better suggestions. .

    4. Tony Clifton

      Nothing at all. In fact you’re actually slightly above average for actual size. However, don’t focus on your penis size or you might become obsessed with it. Instead focus on your technique in the bedroom with your partner; add to your “data files” of different sex positions, practice delaying your orgasm, and pay attention to what your partner likes sexually when you’re together.

      You do these things? And the whole “size“ thing becomes less important. Women just want the sensation of penetration from/with their partner. The act of “filling her up” with your body sets everything in motion. And you know the rest…

      1. Mika Miro author

        Well said!)

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