Sex position #31. Clip

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Sex position #31 - Clip. (kneeling, right angle). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Each person should have his invisible book of intimate relationships and it is very important to “bind” favorite positions, which you will want to use afterwards, and this one will definitely get in your list. The man stands on his knees, legs are driven apart, the back is straight. The woman is setting herself on his penis, face to the male partner, drives the straight legs apart so that her calves were on the male partner’s feet, straight arms are put backwards and pressing on the palms, respectively, bending her whole body. The man holds her buttocks with his hands and moves them to the beat.

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    Best intimate position for both female male

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    You should really try this
    My girl aanya got such a good orgasm I can’t even describe

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