Sex position #25. Sex Slave

Sex position #25 - Sex Slave. (blowjob, lying down, oral sex). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

If you wish to prove your fidelity and devotion to your only partner and you are confident with him as with yourself, embody his most secret oral desires and show what a liberated woman can do. The man lies on his back, lifting the upper part of his body on elbows, as well as he lifts his bent knees and opens them. The female partner stands on her knees between his legs and gives oral pleasure to her male partner. Most men like to watch women doing a blowjob, so your male partner, will appreciate this position for sure.

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  1. John

    I did this with my teacher, Who’s laughing now. Jack huh? Who has all the A’s nigger?

    1. Lucia

      Ahhh you sound like you had the best sex in yoir life!!!!! Mmmmmm daddy.

  2. TYOURMOM1235214

    tf is this unholy website

  3. Bad boy

    My wife just ripped the covers of our bed and did this!)

    1. Ramesh

      69 pose

  4. Berry Chiliba

    Urines vs anus sperms vs akanwo.

  5. Rash

    Game is so nice when it is raining

  6. Akito

    Sometimes the simple thing’s in life are the best.

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