Sex position #484. Licking master

Sex position #484 - Licking master (on the chair). (oral sex, cunnilingus, sitting,). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Great oral sex can send a woman to the seventh heaven. It’s fun to mix up oral sex and create a new position that adds a whole new perspective to tongue work. The Licking master sex position will make your woman go completely crazy. The woman sits on the edge of the chair, bends the arm in the elbow and takes it behind the seat. Her body is tilted back. One of her legs touches the floor with tiptoes. The other is bent at the knee and lifted upwards. The man kneels between his lover’s legs and leans his body forward to her crotch. His mouth and tongue have access to her whole vagina. The woman puts her raised leg on the back of her partner and stimulates her clitoris with the fingers.

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    Licking a woman’s vagina is my number one dream!

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      What other vaginas have you licked bro

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