Sex position #407. Amateur

Sex position #407 - Amateur (on the armchair). (anal sex, doggy style, from behind, rear entry, kneeling). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Don’t be confused if you are an amateur in sex. They say practice makes perfect. Sex is the best leisure time activity. It improves mood and brings extremely great pleasure. The woman kneels on the armchair, spreading them shoulder-width apart. She rests her elbows on the back of the furniture and learns her upper body slightly forward. The man stands on his knees on the armchair between the lady’s legs. His back is straight. His feet are pointed in toward each other. With his hands, he grabs her by waist and enters from behind. Similar to the Doggy style position, enjoy new angling of pleasure that feels incredible for both parties.

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    This one is awesome if your woman is around 5-6 months of her pregnancy. My wife went crazy when we did this one.

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