Sex position #435. Sweet pussy

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Sex position #435 - Sweet pussy (on the armchair). (oral sex, cunnilingus). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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The oral sex can also be very diverse. If you still doubt this idea, try the Sweet pussy extravagant position. This position gives the woman a hugely erotic view of you pleasuring her. The man sits in the armchair, leaning against the back of the furniture. The woman becomes kneels on the armrests, positioning her vagina near the male partner’s face. She stabilizes her body by placing the outstretched arms on back of the armchair. The upper body of the female partner should remain as straight as possible. The male partner squeezes her buttocks and can stimulate the clitoris with his lips, mouth and tongue and penetrate deep inside with her fingers.

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    Dinesh Kulthe

    Oral sex Is very good for health?

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