Sex position #391. Ebony

Sex position #391 - Ebony (on the couch). (anal sex, doggy style, from behind, rear entry, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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It is scientifically proven that lovemaking stimulates both physical and the mental activity of the partners. Indeed, sometimes you have to be very inventive to position yourself to do everything right. The woman gets on her elbows at the head of the sofa. Her buttocks are lifted up. Her legs are bent at the knees and pressed to her breast as tight as possible. Her feet rest against the seat with her tiptoes. The man is attached behind the female partner. His legs are spread wide apart so that girl’s body is between his thighs. He places the palms on his lover’s back and enters her from behind.

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  1. Stan

    Most popular position in porn because it gives a nice view.

    1. Mika Miro author


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