Sex position #390. Playboy

Sex position #390 - Playboy (on the chair). (reverse, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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If you want to heat things up even more and aren’t sure where to start, why not have a threesome – with your mirror. Indeed, instead of only experiencing sex from your own point of view, using a mirror allows you to watch from all angles. Don’t miss a chance with the exciting Playboy sex position. The woman lies on her back across the chair, bends her legs at the knees, lifts and spreads them a little. Her arms are lowered a bit to take the edges of the furniture. Her head is thrown back. The man stands his back to girl’s vagina and enters her from above. The partner’s legs are shoulder-width apart and slightly bent at the knees. With his hands, he takes the woman’s feet and keeps them on his waist.

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    how is your dick this long to do this

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    Stevie Ray

    What is this bullshit? Sorry bruh, my dick don’t bend like that.

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    Schlong Dong

    Tried this with my homie Konell, boi I’ve never reached so far into his bussy before, had me acting up. Bussin’ all over his intestines. Bare cummies, was like a cummy murder scene.

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    My dicks to small for this

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