Sex position #311. Fantastic elevator

Be careful
Sex position #311 - Fantastic elevator (on the armchair). (A-spot stimulation, armchair, cowgirl, G-spot stimulation, hard level, man active, middle penetration, woman active, woman on top)
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The Fantastic elevator sex position has nothing to do with elevators. Nevertheless, you’ll definitely enjoy the up-and down ride. Embrace your inner crustacean with this simple to do, yet so hot and fun position. The man sits on the very edge of the armchair, leaning backward. He puts his feet on the tiptoes, bends legs at the knees and spreads them out as wide as possible. The woman climbs on top with her back to him. Burning with desire, she opens her core to him fully. Her legs are absolutely straight, as if she is doing the splits. She places her hands back and puts them on the lover’s body who takes over the reins in this amazing sex position.

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