Sex position #284. Birthday party

Sex position #284 - Birthday party. (anal sex, man on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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It’s always great to party till dawn. And then you remember that night and wonder if it really happened or if you dreamed it. It was cool and weird. The same is with the Birthday party position. You need a stable piece of furniture with high back, like chair or armchair. The woman lies on her back nearby and fully raises the straight legs up, drives them apart as much as possible and presses to the body. Her head is located between the legs. The man lifts his body up to plank position standing on his outstretched hands and toes. He penetrates the lover from above. His feet rest on the back of the furniture. The hands are placed on the both sides of the female partner’s face. Though it is genital-only touching position, it is perfect for deep penetration.

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