Sex position #285. Wild yoga

Sex position #285 - Wild yoga. (criss cross, reverse, man on top, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Ancient Yogic masters surely knew how sex treats the body and the soul. Combine yoga and sex in the Wild yoga sex position. The woman lies on her back with her arms and legs widely spread apart. A man stands above her. One of his feet is located at female partner’s head, and the second one is placed between her legs. He lifts her pelvis as high as possible and fixes it on his thigh. One leg of the male partner remains straight; the second is slightly bent at the knee. He places his palms on the knee, and bends forward the upper part of his body. The wild yoga sex position is a great fix up for a couple looking to feel a new kind of pleasure.

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    Having done many of these positions, this is an incredible way to do rehabilitation as I suffered from a damaged knee and lower back problems to name a few.

    These positions also a very beneficial for balance, breathing exercises and muscle build combined with stretching.

    Yes it does build up to an amazing orgasm but your mind and body control is incredible.

    You really can enjoy a full yogasutrasex workout for hours….

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      The Sexman

      I appreciate your comment Dean. We here at value your views on our large variety of positons.

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