Sex position #254. Asteroid

Sex position #254 - Asteroid. (from behind, rear entry, kneeling). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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What happens if a big asteroid hits the Earth? We don’t know, but we know exactly how you will feel trying this kinky Asteroid position. The man kneels down with legs slightly wide apart. His lover lies down on her belly with her face down, and when the male partner starts raising her waist, she leans on her strengthened palms with his legs embracing her man’s waist. She spreads her legs out, allowing him to get a good grip on her hips and thighs to allow for thrusting. The Asteroid sex position requires a bit of strength on his part, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Besides, the view is great and it’s just all around a super hot sex position for a man.

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