Sex position #238. Clock

Sex position #238 - Clock. (blowjob, oral sex, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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The man can invent so many things for his female partner to satisfy him with oral sex, especially if she is not a fan of this kind of sex, and this position will not give her a chance to resist. The man stands on his outstretched hands against the wall, his legs are straight out to the sides, just lying on the wall. The woman stands face to her male partner with legs straight, pressed together, she inclines her little body and penis of her partner and her head are between her partner’s feet. With her hands the woman can caress the man’s penis, or simply hold his thighs.

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  1. Ree

    Who in this world would ever do this??? Whyyy??? But how???

    1. J

      Only a woman would ask such a stupid question!

      1. L

        I’m a woman and I’d never ask why and I would do it no problem :0)))

  2. Dillan

    Because me and my girl were bored, wasn’t too bad actually, but definetly better ways of busting a PHAT nut

  3. Chaz

    I would like to surprise my man with new positions

  4. Charlie

    really good, specially when I lost a track of time :v

  5. Eddie

    Anyone up for thick cock with 7 in in length

  6. Memphis

    Try to explain it on ER…

  7. Peeper

    I tried this. I came SO HARD I blew off the back wall and landed on my neighbor’s head.

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