Sex position #236. Concubine

Sex position #236 - Concubine. (doggy style, from behind, kneeling, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

She is ready to make his every desire come true, to succumb to his whims or to lay her head for the feeling for his tenderness and warmth, for his presence in her body. The woman lies on her belly, she bents her arms in elbows and throws them forward, she also bends her legs at the knees and opens them by sides inviting her male partner. The man sits down on his knees in front of her buttocks, he raises her legs and pulls to him to lie them on his thighs and to make them embrace his back. The man penetrates into the female partner from bottom, he can caress her buttocks, squeeze them, move them to the beat of his desire. The position is very piquant.

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  1. Concern ug

    so wonderful. I wanna try doggy style ..


    I do too, kindly hoping to meet one who we both can perfect our sex lives to each other

  3. HORSE

    Really healthy to know ur grip
    When vigina is see on lips or face.

  4. Nicole

    ❤️❤️❤️ this position Perfect for deep penetration. I am 38 dating a handsome 55 yr man. Position allow me to feel all of his massive 8 in cock

    1. John

      Try me

      1. Noma

        Can we try

  5. Sagar

    I really like to sexy position

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