1. Shuttle

Sex position #1 - Shuttle. (cowgirl, criss cross, face to face, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image



Sometimes, even temperamental partners need to cool their ardor and try positions for more vanilla sex, and that is a simple but very voluptuous option. The man lies on his back, his legs are slightly bent in knees and pulled on sides. The woman is on top of the male partner with the face to him so that one leg is between her legs. One hand of the lady is straight and stands on the floor and support is on it, the second one is bent in elbow, and is on the male partner’s chest. The man puts his hands on the female partner’s buttocks and he is able to control the rhythm.

Similar positions:

There are no similar sex positions.

Random positions:


  1. dickface


  2. Queen

    Amazing positions .. I have already tried them

  3. Selam

    I like all


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