Sex position #471. Gimlet

Sex position #471 - Gimlet (on the couch). (anal sex, from behind, rear entry, right angle). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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There are a variety of sex positions which allow the man to penetrate his partner deeply. The Gimlet is one of them. The female partner lies on the sofa, presses her legs to the body as close as possible and holds them in this position, with arms folded under the knees. The man gets on a knee on the couch behind his lover. He puts his second leg on the floor and tilts it slightly forward. He places his palms on the woman’s thighs and enters her from the side. The woman will absolutely adore this position, as it makes her climax easily.

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    David blunt

    I don’t like anal sex so I’ll take this another version of doggystyle

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