Sex position #443. Stuntman

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Sex position #443 - Stuntman (on the ball). (right angle, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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If your female partner is flexible enough, offer her to try this Missionary variation. With a little practice, find the angle that works for the both of you, and ride the night away. The woman lies on her back on a fitness ball, as if in a bridge-shaped position. She spreads her arms apart and puts her palms on the ball sides. One of her legs is bent at the knee and rests on her tiptoes on the floor, the second is raised up. The man is located to his female partner so that her thigh is between his thighs. He throws her raised leg on his shoulder. With his hands, the male partner can hold the buttocks and knee of the mistress or caress her body, paying special attention to the crotch.

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