Sex position #257. Hostage

Sex position #257 - Hostage (on the couch). (anal sex, criss cross, sideways, lying down). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Sometimes it is very dangerous, yet irresistible to be captured by your own desires, so it is worthwhile to bring them to life step-by-step, especially when it comes to sex. The woman sits on a sofa and leans her body against its back. She bends her legs a little and spreads them apart as wide as possible. The man lies on his side on the edge along the couch. His arm is bent at the elbow to support his torso in an elevated position. One of his legs is straight, and the second one is slightly bent at the knee. The female partner places her leg between his thighs. The male partner embraces her raised up shin with the palm.

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