Sex position #223. Zeus

Sex position #223 - Zeus. (blowjob, oral sex, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

It is not a secret that men like incredibly, when women recognize their superiority and they are all just crazy about good blowjob. Therefore, there is nothing better for man’s pride than a blowjob in this position. The man stands with his legs at shoulder length; the woman stands on her knees in front of him on her hunkers so that the genital area of the male partner is right to her face. The man takes the woman’s head to control the rhythm; the woman hugs his buttocks and proceeds to the process. If desired, the male partner can watch his mistress, if it makes him horny, then why not?!

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  1. jan

    jessie wants to try cowboy


    If female partner is not showing interest in oral sex means what i should i do please guide me , as a male partner i like oral sex, but she is not sucking my pennis to give pleasure satisfy my feeling.

    1. crazymax

      Make her cunni, bring her to orgasm, maybe then she will also give you a Blowjob in return

  3. Luka

    That’s a classic

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