Sex position #158. Train

Sex position #158 - Train. (cunnilingus, kneeling, oral sex, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Mouth, lips and tongue should be used not only for food and conversations, if your female partner is not very optimistic about oral sex, this position together with your skills is a chance to convince her otherwise. The man lies on his back, legs are together, knees are bent. The woman gets on all fours so that the male partner’s head is between her legs. The female partner’s head is slightly tilted back, arms are straight, and support is on the palms, legs are slightly driven apart, whereby the crotch is just a few centimeters from the male partner’s face. The man’s hands are on the woman’s hips and caress them.

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    Dis nasty

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      Nasty? Only if she shits!

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    Great one

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