Sex position #121. Pointer

Sex position #121 - Pointer. (69 sex position, kneeling, oral sex, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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This position will be good for a couple with a well built and prepared physically man, with very strong hands. The male partner stands on his knees and takes his woman in his arms, turning her upside down. Her face is on the level of his penis and she grabs his waist with her arms, the man embraces the woman’s waist too, holding her in the air. Legs of the female partner are on the man’s shoulders, they are opened on sides and embrace his neck, and the man has full access to the crotch of his mistress. This position is not very good for a long process, but as something to warm-up it will suit perfectly.

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    jim sedrut

    love it

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    I had previously thought me and my partner were both physically strong but upon trying this postition I realised I was wrong when he dropped me severely injuring my neck 4/10 will not try again.

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    Louis windass

    Sex position 101 female partner later your head and shoulder on the floor so both are supporting your weight your partner then needs to raise so so your legs are in the air slowly bring them down and let your partner get his leg over you rested on something like a sofa or chair you will also be lent against the chair let your Male partner enter your vagina slowly dipping like he is t-bagging you with plenty of practice and providing the female partner is comfortable this will be mind blowing for both of you

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