106 Lesbian Sex Positions For A Crazy Girl-on-Girl Sex

Lesbian Sex Position #87 - scissors, clit rubbing Sex Blog

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lesbian or not, female or male, since you’re here you’re definitely interested in lesbian sex positions. I promise this is the best place to satisfy your interest in this topic.

Today I’m gonna show you 106 lesbian sex positions.

Since the early years of the Sex Position Club, I’ve been asked from time to time in comments like, “Why isn’t there a gay and lesbian sex position?” And that question always made me feel indebted.

Well, now my conscience is clear!)

You know, I have to say, I had to review quite a bit of porn content before I gathered and organized all the material I needed for this article. Yes… Although it was long, but damn… It was incredibly fun and exciting!).

If you’re a lesbian girl, you’ll find it especially fun and interesting. You will discover new boundaries in sex with your other half.

By the way, let’s find out which women are most often interested in lesbian sex positions!

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Thanks for the feedback!)

Make sure you see this page through to the end and you’ll see how beautiful, exciting, and versatile lesbian sex can be.

I have to say, I didn’t set myself the goal to create a list of the best lesbian sex positions, as I believe that for each girl, this list will be different (each has its own preferences).

Instead, I decided to show you all the different lesbian sex positions I could find. This allows you to maximize your imagination and give you new ideas for experimenting in bed. In addition, each girl can make her own personal “best list”.

By the way, in the original kamasutra, you will not find lesbian or gay sex positions, which makes the LGBT community somewhat sad. In that sense, I’ve even in a way restored a historical injustice by creating this modern version of the Kamasutra for lesbians!)

Well, I think that’s enough of an introduction, so let’s move on to the positions themselves.

I’ve divided all the sex positions into several categories for easy navigation.

Tribbing and scissoring sex positions for lesbian

Scissoring is one of the most popular sex positions on the internet when it comes to lesbian sex and tribbing. It is very similar to the usual scissor position for heterosexual couples, only in the lesbian version there is no penetration.

Instead, the girls, with their legs spread apart, lean their pussies against each other and rub. This act of rubbing is often referred to as tribbing, although the term has a broader meaning.

Tribbing (tribadism) is a sexual act between women that involves rubbing their vagina against any part of their partner’s body (leg, stomach, buttocks, breasts, vagina, etc.)

Despite the simplicity of this pose, it has a few variations.

Position 1

Lesbian Sex Position #87 -

It is a classic version of the scissor position for lesbian girls when they sit against each other, leaning back a bit and leaning on straight arms. Both girls are equally active, striving towards each other.

Position 2

Lesbian Sex Position #80 - lying scissors, clit rubbing

Another version of scissors, where girls in half-lying position press their pussies against each other.

Position 3

Lesbian Sex Position #71 - scissors, clit rubbing

One of the girls can also kneel down and put one hand around her partner’s leg and pull her to herself.

The main disadvantage of this sitting position is that
– the partner must try to keep the balance
– you have to synchronize your movements
– you have to make an effort to get close to each other.

Actually, when you spend more energy during sex it’s not really a bad thing, because such sex positions help you burn more calories. So if you’re overweight, maybe it’s for the best!)

Position 4

Lesbian Sex Position #85 -

The main difference of this variant of the scissor position from the previous three is that now one of the girls sits on top and takes a more active role. This variant has several advantages:

1) The partners now do not need to synchronize their movements, the upper girl sets the tempo and controls the pressure.
2) Due to the weight of the body it is much easier and more comfortable to press against each other.

Position 5

Lesbian Sex Position #86 -

One of the girls is still on top, but now she puts her partner’s leg on her shoulder. She can hug her leg as well.

Position 6

Lesbian Sex Position #79 - standing scissors on the couch

A more extreme version of scissors, which can be tried on the sofa or any other upholstered furniture. Great for lesbian girls who love thrills!)

Check out more kinky freaky positions for wild sex on the crazy sex positions page.

Position 7

Lesbian Sex Position #83 - reverse scissors, ass to ass

This position is very nice because it makes the view of the ass and the vagina of the other girl very exciting. Besides this position allows the bottom girl to stimulate her partner additionally with fingers or any other sex toy.

Position 8

Lesbian Sex Position #87 - clit rubbing, scissors, ass to ass

It’s basically the same as above, but now the girl is not lying on her partner’s leg, she’s on her knees.

Position 9

Lesbian Sex Position #82 - Amazon, clit rubbing

The Amazon position is quite popular in lesbian sex as well. If we talk about tribbing and rubbing the vagina against the vagina, the Amazon position is more comfortable than the missionary position.

Position 10

Lesbian Sex Position #84 -

This is the same Amazon except for a few details. The legs of the bottom girl are now up, and the bottom girl is not on her knees, but squatting.

Position 11

Lesbian Sex Position #14 - vibrator mutual masturbation

The picture above shows how you can spice up the scissor position by using the Magic Wand sex toy. The principle is simple: the girls place the head of the massager between their vaginas like a pad and press against each other. This applies to any of the tribbing positions described above.

Also, any of the above-described sex positions for lesbians are great for using a double dildo. Below we will take a closer look at poses with a double-ended dildo.

Lesbian strap-on sex positions

A strap-on is a great sex toy that imitates the penis. Its main difference compared to a vibrator or dildo is that you don’t need your hands to use it, because it is attached to your body.

There are different types of strapons, but that is not what this article is about. Here we are going to look at how it can be used by lesbian girls to diversify sex and greatly expand the range of sensations.

Strapon allows one of the girls to take a more dominant role. It can be used for both vaginal and anal sex.

Using the strapon allows lesbian girls to use all sex positions from Sex Positions Club.

Position 12

Lesbian Sex Position #61 - strapon goggy style

The doggy style position is the most prominent manifestation of the dominant role. In this example, one girl kneels on the edge of the bed while her partner stands flat on the floor behind her. For fans of rougher sex, you can experiment with butt slaps and hair pulls.

Position 13

Lesbian Sex Position #68 - doggy whith clit stimulation

The active girl can also use fingers or a vibrator for additional stimulation of her lover’s clitoris. While this doggy style is not very convenient for active friction, it is a great way to whisper sweet or dirty words in her ear!)

Lesbian Sex Position #76 - strapon, goggy style sex

The passive girl can also take the initiative and additionally masturbate her clit, while her partner concentrates more on her hard work.

Position 14

Lesbian Sex Position #77 - strapon, prone bone

The prone bone position is a great option for G-spot stimulation. The lower girl lies on her stomach with her legs stretched out straight along her body, while the active one sits on top of her buttocks and comes in vertically.

Position 15

Lesbian Sex Position #67 - strapon from behing (lazy doggy)

The same position, but now the lower girl pulls one leg up to her chest, which allows her partner to penetrate more deeply.

Position 16

Lesbian Sex Position #70 - strapon doggy style

A variation of doggy style for more dirty and wild sex. Excellent G-spot stimulation + deep penetration. But there is one drawback – the dominant girl (the one on top) is likely to quickly get tired legs.

This is not all variants doggy style. Here we have considered only a small part of what you can try. More ideas can be found on page doggie style sex positions.

Position 17

Lesbian Sex Position #78 - strapon, spooning, side by side

The spooning sex position is a great option for gentle slow sex. There is an opportunity for kissing and additional stimulation of the clitoris.

Position 18

Lesbian Sex Position #74 - double-sided dildo , lotos, face to face, sitting

The lotus sex position is very romantic and sensual. A great option for lovers of hugs and kisses. In this position, it is also very convenient to use a double dildo (more about it below).

Position 19

Lesbian Sex Position #97 - strapon, woman on top, cowgirl,

One of the variants of the reverse cowgirl, sitting on the couch. For more comfort for the girl on top, it is better to put the second leg on the floor for better stability. For the girl underneath there is a great opportunity to hug her partner from behind, caressing her breasts, and stimulate her clit.

By the way, here you can watch all the sex positions on the couch, and here are all the variations of the cowgirl position when woman on top.

Double-ended dildo sex positions

A double dildo is another sex toy that can bring new colors and impressions to lesbian sex. A double dildo in contrast to the strapon allows two girls to feel the cock inside them at once, which is certainly very exciting.

Let’s see how lesbian girls can use it in different sex positions.

Position 20

Lesbian Sex Position #75 - missionary, double-sided dildo

The missionary position is when one girl lies on her back and the other covers her on top. Maximum body contact, kissing, and gentle talking (or dirty talking) in your ear is what girls love this position for. You can also use a strap-on instead of a double-ended dildo.

Some lesbian couples like to use the missionary pose even without any sex toys, limiting themselves to a tribing.

Position 21

Lesbian Sex Position #69 - double-sided dildo, lying ass to ass

Both girls lie on sides butt to butt moving toward each other.

Position 22

Lesbian Sex Position #91 - double dildo, ass to ass, sideways, reverse

One more sideway position. Girls are also lying on their sides but with their heads on opposite sides.

Position 23

Lesbian Sex Position #94 - double dildo, ass to ass, kneeling, doggy, reverse

One girl lies on her back and the other one stands in a doggy position, turning to the opposite side.

Position 24

Lesbian Sex Position #92 - double dildo, ass to ass, kneeling, doggy

Both girls kneel in a doggy position butt to butt. One is face down with her butt upwards, the other rests on her straight arms.

Position 25

Lesbian Sex Position #93 - double dildo, ass to ass, kneeling, doggy

For deeper penetration and tighter contact, the other girl also lowers down. Leaning on her head and shoulder, they pull each other in by holding hands.

Position 26

Lesbian Sex Position #90 - double dildo, ass to ass, kneeling, doggy

The same position, but now both girls are leaning on straight arms.

Position 27

Lesbian Sex Position #73 - double-sided dildo standing ass to ass

A similar position is standing by the bed or sofa.

Position 28

Lesbian Sex Position #96 - double dildo, reverse, woman on top

Very similar to the helicopter sex position. However, in this position, the girls do not lie down but raise their bodies resting on their hands.

Position 29

Lesbian Sex Position #89 - strapon, doggy, pulls on the hair

A kind of doggy style. The feature is that the girl behind is not kneeling as usual, but sitting. She holds her partner by the hair and pulls her towards herself, thrusting her on the double-ended dildo.

Position 30

Lesbian Sex Position #95 - double dildo, kneeling, doggy

This is very similar to the previous position, except that the woman sits on top.

See all the sitting sex positions on Sex Positions Club

Position 31

Lesbian Sex Position #88 - double dildo, ass to ass, lying on the back

Both partners are almost lying on their backs butt to butt. They sway towards each other and masturbate in addition, increasing arousal.

Position 32

Lesbian Sex Position #72 - double-sided dildo, face to face

The same position, just one of the girls now sits backward.

Position 33

Lesbian Sex Position #98 - double dildo, ass to ass, woman on top, amazon

If you have a headboard or something to lean on, you can try this unusual position. It is somewhat similar to the Amazon position.

Of course there are many more sex toys for lesbians, but in the context of sex positions for lesbians we have considered only two (strapon and double dildo). If the topic of sex gadgets interests you and you would like to know more about them, read the post about the best sex toys for lesbians.

Oral sex positions

Oral sex is a wonderful tool in any couple’s sexual arsenal. The tongue plays a particularly important role in lesbian sex. The tongue is moist, warm, can be hard or very soft. It is a unique stimulant, the touch of which is not confused with anything else. Oral sex is very pleasurable on its own, but when your fingers or sex toys come in handy it’s just a rumbling mess!)

The clitoris, vagina and anus are very close together, making it very convenient to stimulate all of these erogenous zones with your tongue, fingers and various sex gadgets at the same time.

Position 34

Lesbian Sex Position #37 - mutual oral sex, 69 position

Certainly, the 69 position ranks first in the oral sex category. This is a classical position where one of the girls lies on her back and the other one is on top.

Position 35

Lesbian Sex Position #45 - oral sex, sideway 69 sex position

A more comfortable option is side by side 69 position. In this position the partners are maximally relaxed, their heads are lying down and their necks don’t get tired. The partners have their hands free for additional stimulation.

Position 36

Lesbian Sex Position #58 - crazy oral sex, reverse 69 position

A very unusual variant of the pose 69 for fans of extreme lesbian sex.

See more unusual variations of the 69 position in our catalog.

Position 37

Lesbian Sex Position #40 - face sitting, clit licking

Girl doing cunnilingus while her partner sits on her face.

Position 38

Lesbian Sex Position #63 - face sitting oral sex

Leaning slightly forward she can stimulate her partner with her hand or vibrator.

Position 39

Lesbian Sex Position #41 - pussy eating, clit masturbation

To use two hands, you should go even lower, which allows you to massage the partner’s vagina, clitoris, and anus at the same time.

Position 40

Lesbian Sex Position #31 - ass and pussy eating, face sitting

Lying underneath she wraps her legs around her partner’s body and licks her vagina, anus, and crotch.

Position 41

Lesbian Sex Position #46 - face fuck oral sex on the couch

As seen in the picture the couch can be used not only for watching TV!)

Position 42

Lesbian Sex Position #44 - pussy licking, oral

Unlike the previous version, the woman now sits on her partner’s face, facing the other way. She can still masturbate her lover’s clit with her hand. To do this, she just needs to lean back a bit.

Lesbian Sex Position #50 - face sitting oral sex

Another picture of lesbian oral sex in the same position.

Lesbian Sex Position #111 - oral sex, face sitting, pussy eating, face fuck

You can find more ways for pussy eating in our cunnilingus positions list.

Position 43

Lesbian Sex Position #52 - pussy eating, kneeling oral sex

Standing Cunnilingus. The girl is on her knees and sucks her partner’s clit, who is standing in front of her.

Position 44

Lesbian Sex Position #57 - kneeling pussy kissing

Now the standing girl has her back against the wall and spreads her legs wider.

Position 45

Lesbian Sex Position #56 - cunnilingus with pussy fingering

The receiving girl is on her knees, her partner is in a doggie position and licks her pussy.

Position 46

Lesbian Sex Position #51 - clit licking sitting down

Eating pussy in an exotic position. The girl stands with one leg raised, while the other masturbates herself and licks her partner’s clit sitting underneath.

Lesbian Sex Position #104 - oral sex, pussy licking, standing, bathroom

A more easy and comfortable version of the position described above, as the girl doesn’t need to keep her leg up.

Position 47

Lesbian Sex Position #105 - oral sex, pussy eating, standing, on the table

Here’s how you can use the table for this kinky position.

We got more sex positions on the table in our catalog.Check it out!)

Position 48

Lesbian Sex Position #36 - cunnilingus, pussy eating

One girl lies with a pillow under her head and her partner lies on top with her buttocks on her chest and her back between her legs.

Position 49

Lesbian Sex Position #54 - oral play with the clitoris

A slightly modified version of the previous position for cunnilingus.

Position 50

Lesbian Sex Position #64 - ass and clit licking

The girl sits in the chair with her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms around them. Her partner is eating her pussy kneeling on the floor next to her.

Position 51

Lesbian Sex Position #108 - oral sex, pussy eating, clit licking, on washing machine,

A similar variant can be performed on the washing machine.

Position 52

Lesbian Sex Position #62 - clit kissing and licking, legs up

Sometimes try some freaky positions to keep your oral sex from getting boring!)

Position 53

Lesbian Sex Position #49 - crazy oral sex, legs up

A fun position for rimming. Make sure that the receiving girl lies on a soft surface.

Position 54

Lesbian Sex Position #66 - crazy oral sex

The girl gives cunnilingus to the lying partner who caresses her vagina and clit with her fingers.

Position 55

Lesbian Sex Position #48 - ass and pussy eating

The girl stands in a doggy position and her partner licks her vagina and ass from behind.

Position 56

Lesbian Sex Position #65 - ass kissing and G-spot stimulation

A great position for simultaneous stimulation of the vagina, clitoris, and anus. Here the girl stimulates her partner’s vagina and clit with one hand and plays with her anus with tongue.

Position 57

Lesbian Sex Position #30 - ass and pussy eating

Anilingus with clitoral masturbation. The girl stands up straight and her partner orally caresses her behind.

Position 58

Lesbian Sex Position #112 - oral sex, pussy licking, cunnilingus, standing

Rimming. The girl stands and her partner sits under her, with her back against the bed, and licks her ass.

Position 59

Lesbian Sex Position #107 - oral sex, pussy eating, doggy, bathtub,

Oral sex of lesbians in the bathtub. Pussy and ass eating in the doggy position.

Position 60

Lesbian Sex Position #60 - ass and pussy eating, oral play

Unusual version of pussy and ass licking when a girl is in a doggy position.

Position 61

Lesbian Sex Position #39 - double stimulation, g-spot stibulation + anal fingering

The girl lies on her stomach with one leg lifted and her girlfriend kisses her ass and stimulates her G-spot and clitoris with her fingers.

Position 62

Lesbian Sex Position #53 - ass eating, anilingus rimming

Good position for rimming and anilingus.

Lesbian Sex Position #34 - ass licking, anilingus rimming

Position 63

Lesbian Sex Position #47 - face sitting oral sex on the couch

Lesbian’s oral sex. The girl sat down with her butt on the face of her partner.

Position 64

Lesbian Sex Position #42 - oral sex on the couch, cunnilingus

Same way.

Position 65

Lesbian Sex Position #35 - face fuck, face sitting, oral sex

Same way lying on the sofa.

Position 66

Lesbian Sex Position #55 - pussy kissing and fingering

Eating pussy. A girl lies on the couch and enjoys her lover’s tongue.

Position 67

Lesbian Sex Position #59 - pussy kissing

Cunnilingus sitting in a chair. Banal and simple.

Position 68

Lesbian Sex Position #43 - oral sex in the shower, pussy eating

Oral sex in the bath.

Position 69

Lesbian Sex Position #38 - pussy eating sitting on the chair

The girl sits on a chair with her legs apart. Her girlfriend kneels and licks her pussy.

Position 70

Lesbian Sex Position #32 - clit licking, oral sex

Position 71

Lesbian Sex Position #21 - pussy eating

Position 72

Lesbian Sex Position #110 - oral sex, pussy kissing, cunnilingus, kneeling, bathroom

Position 73

Lesbian Sex Position #109 - oral sex, pussy kissing, cunnilingus, kneeling,

Position 74

Lesbian Sex Position #106 - oral sex, cunnilingus, kneeling, bathroom

Position 75

Lesbian Sex Position #33 - crazy oral sex, clit and ass kissing

Rounding out the list of lesbian oral sex positions is this funny position.

Masturbation, petting, fingering sex positions

In addition to the tongue, lesbian girls actively use their fingers during sexual play. It can be called differently: petting, masturbation, fingering, hand job, but it’s all about the same thing – using fingers to stimulate erogenous zones.

The thing is that fingers, unlike the tongue, are longer, stronger, and more enduring. With their help, it is possible not only to rub the clitoris but also to penetrate into the anus and the vagina to stimulate the G-spot.

Do not be limited to just fingers, you can also use sex toys such as a vibrator or dildo for masturbation.

Position 76

Lesbian Sex Position #23 - masturbation, Fingerling lying on the stomach

Vaginal massage. The girl lies on her stomach and her partner next to her on her side.

Position 77

Lesbian Sex Position #20 - vibrator masturbation

Masturbation with a vibrator. The girl lies on her back with her knees pulled up to her chest.

Position 78

Lesbian Sex Position #11 - Finger-fucking the pussy

Deep fingering. A girl lies on top of her partner.

Position 79

Lesbian Sex Position #22 - Masturbating from behind

Finger penetration from behind standing with G point stimulation.

Position 80

Lesbian Sex Position #19 - mutual masturbation

Rubbing the partner’s clit sitting on her legs.

Position 81

Lesbian Sex Position #1 - fingering with clitoral stimulation

Pussy masturbation with kisses on the lips.

Lesbian Sex Position #81 - lying cuddle

The girl rubs her clit on her partner’s thigh and gently embraces her.

Position 82

Lesbian Sex Position #18 - clit rubbing masturbation

Masturbation with G-spot stimulation. Finger penetration from behind.

Position 83

Lesbian Sex Position #17 - standing masturbation

Fingering while standing in the bathroom. It is convenient to additionally lick the clitoris.

Position 84

Lesbian Sex Position #16 - pussy eating, oral sex

A girl imitates a blow job, while her partner caresses her pussy with her fingers.

Position 85

Lesbian Sex Position #101 - petting, masturbation, face to face, kneeling

Finger penetration in the vagina while kneeling face to face.

Position 86

Lesbian Sex Position #15 - G-spot stimulation, finger in pussy

Pussy masturbation with nipple licking lying side by side.

Position 87

Lesbian Sex Position #13 -

Kissing with masturbation of the сlit and vagina.

Position 88

Lesbian Sex Position #12 - Hugging, kissing, and masturbation (sitting)

Popular position when the girl leans with her back to the partner sitting behind her. She kisses the neck from behind, caresses her breasts and body with one hand, and masturbates her partner’s clit and pussy with the other.

Position 89

Lesbian Sex Position #10 - Double penetration masturbation

Double penetration – anal and vaginal masturbation. With her top hand, she penetrates the anus with a finger, and from below into her vagina.

Position 90

Lesbian Sex Position #9 - G-spot stimulation, fingering

Vagina and G-spot stimulation. Handy position to give the girl a squirting orgasm.

Position 91

Lesbian Sex Position #102 - petting, masturbation, from back, kneeling, standing behind

Both girls kneeled, one behind the other. The girl from behind hugs her girlfriend caresses her breasts, kisses her neck, and rubs her clit.

Position 92

Lesbian Sex Position #8 - kissing with vagina masturbation

Pussy massage with kisses sitting on her partner’s thigh. The girl on top rubs her clit on her partner’s thigh.

Position 93

Lesbian Sex Position #6 - masturbation G-spot stimulation

Same position, except the girl just stands in front of her beloved and caresses her pussy.

Position 94

Lesbian Sex Position #4 - pussy fingering

Clitoris and vagina masturbation while standing behind.

Position 95

Lesbian Sex Position #5 - clit rubbing and kissing

One finger in her ass with the hand from below, the other in her vagina with the hand from above.

Position 96

Lesbian Sex Position #3 - Double penetration masturbation

The girl stands in the doggy position face down. Her partner is finger fucking her kneeling behind.

Position 97

Lesbian Sex Position #2 - G-spot stimulation

Jacking off clit and pussy to her girlfriend.

Position 98

Lesbian Sex Position #103 - clit rubbing, masturbation, fingering, legs up

Intense clit rubbing. A girl lying on her back with her legs up.

Position 99

Lesbian Sex Position #100 - petting, masturbation, face to face, standing

Petting and fingering standing against the wall. The girl spreads her legs and leans with her back against the wall. She kisses her lover and simultaneously rubs her clitoris and vagina with her hand.

Mutual masturbation sex positions

Shown below are positions in which lesbian girls can mutually masturbate with their fingers or sex toys at the same time.

Position 100

Lesbian Sex Position #29 - kissing with mutual masturbation

Clit rubbing sitting opposite each other.

Position 101

Lesbian Sex Position #28 - mutual masturbation, pussy fingering, clit rubbing

Mutual petting lying on the side in the spooning position.

Position 102

Lesbian Sex Position #27 - mutual masturmation with vibrator

Lesbian girls masturbate with each other sitting side by side.

Position 103

Lesbian Sex Position #26 - mutual masturbation clitor stimulation

Girls lie side by side in opposite directions and caress each other. Mutual fingering.

Position 104

Lesbian Sex Position #25 - mutual masturbation and kissing

Kissing and mutual stimulation (pussy rubbing) while sitting against the wall.

Position 105

Lesbian Sex Position #24 - mutual masturbation and kissing (sitting)

Girls jerking each other while lying on the bed face to face.

Position 106

Lesbian Sex Position #99 - petting, masturbation, face to face, kneeling

Mutual masturbation while kneeling face to face.


If you got to the end, well done! You now know a lot more lesbian sex positions than you did before. I’m sure you’re already dying to try some of what you’ve seen with your girlfriend!)

Lesbians girls, I really look forward to your feedback in the comments. Critique, advise, share your experiences and opinions. Tell us about your favorite sex positions and what you like best about sex in general. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you’re curious about tribbing, give it a try. And don’t dismiss dildos without trying them. Initially, I didn’t think I would be interested, but then we got one and my girlfriend exclaimed, ‘I’ve never felt so satisfied. It’s incredible!‘ (She has a deeper pussy than my finger length).

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    Yesterday I bought a strapon. Was trying the 14 position (Prone Bone) with my new girlfriend. What can I say… My cat was most impressed!!! ))))

    The cat witnessed lesbian sex

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      The first thing the cat thought: It seems that the mistress and her girlfriend are possessed by demons!;).

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      That moment when there was a smell of fish, but there was no fish!

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        If it smells fish, something is wrong, mate
        Double check your next experiences 😉

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    While I find pleasure in various expressions of wlw sex, the unparalleled experience of having a gorgeous woman seated on my face surpasses them all. So my favorite is number 42 on this lesbian sex positions list. The sensation of her vulva against my mouth, her clit tantalizingly brushing against the tip of my nose, the view of the female anatomy from below as it rises to meet a pair of supple breasts, and the sight of her face, undoubtedly disheveled in pure ecstasy… It’s a spectacle unlike any other, enough to bring me to a ming-blowing orgasm through sheer visual stimulation, without even needing to touch myself…

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    If either of you got some freaky side, don’t be afraid to delve into it! Experiment with whips, ropes, and collars, or indulge in dirty talk or some light psychological domination, if it ignites your desires, don’t hold back! And have an open conversation with your girlfriend about it. She may have her own ideas but might be hesitant to share them due to shyness. If that’s the case, and you’re both comfortable with it, encourage her to express her desires and tell you what she wants in sex!

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      My partner and I have been together for over 15 years. She’s a butch top and I am a super bottom. We have an amazing sex life. She loves to fuck me strap-on style, holding my legs up by her face while she plows into me like crazy. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen this item in your lesbian sex positions list, but I found it in the main catalog – 302. Intimate launch pad and 199. Nirvana. We choose the dildo size and style based on our mood (we have a large assortment lol). We love to talk dirty to each other while we’re having sex. I like to beg her to cum in me, which she sometimes can if the balls of the dildo rub her clit just right. Mostly I just beg her to sit on my face and cum in my mouth which she does every time!

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        By the way, I forgot to say… We also love anal sex!) She will fuck my ass with the strap on from behind while I lay on my side. She will lift my top leg over her shoulder and while her dick is in my ass, she’ll shove another dildo in my pussy and fuck me till I cum like crazy. Often I’ll add my vibrator while she is fucking me and cum into oblivion.

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          I remembered myself 10 years ago!) When my new girlfriend (more experienced, by the way) during our 2nd sex, discovered a new erogenous zone for me. It was something like that:

          About the first anal experience. Lesbian sex. Meme

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    I really enjoy sex positions where my girlfriend and I can both give and receive pleasure, and ideally reach orgasm at the same time. One of my all-time favorites is when I’m riding a strap-on, either I’m on top or being fingered, while my partner’s legs are open and bent, allowing me to use my fingers to please her as I lean back. The first time we tried this was when we were both some drunk, and it just happened naturally. It was an absolutely incredible experience!

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    Every wlw couple’s idea of what constitutes sex can be different. For instance, my idea of lesbian sex might involve much more manual stimulation and kissing, while my ex gf required more intimate acts (she loved it when I fucked her with a strap-on). Sexual preferences and desires are unique to each lesbian and are not bound by a specific set of rules or expectations. Ultimately, sexual activities are up to the lesbian couple’s discretion and based on their mutual desires and comfort level.

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    I enjoy assuming the dominant position in the missionary, whether or not a strap-on is involved. It pleases me to gaze into my partner’s eyes and share kisses during our intimate moments. The act of kissing and being kissed on the neck elicits a heightened sense of desire within me. Although I have yet to experience it, I am curious about trying a feeldoe in the future. While in this position, I have no aversion to incorporating fingering as part of our lovemaking.

    On the other hand, I am not particularly enthusiastic about engaging in oral activities. However, if my partner expresses a strong desire for it, I am open to making compromises, with the condition that they shower beforehand (ha-ha-ha). Ideally, I prefer to explore other avenues of pleasure instead.

    1. Avatar photo

      It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone in my lack of enthusiasm for oral sex.

  8. Avatar photo

    During my time with my former girlfriend, our intimate moments were filled with lots of snuggling, smooching, playful teasing, sensuous touching, and manual stimulation. Interestingly, I’ve always had a proclivity for being the giver rather than the receiver when it comes to oral pleasures – I find it a bit challenging to unwind – although it’s something I’m consciously working on.

    It’s important to remember that each individual’s preferences are unique, and it’s vital to never engage in something that makes you uneasy. Personally, I’m not particularly inclined towards the use of dildos or strap-ons, nor am I an enthusiast of penetrative sex. But, I firmly believe in maintaining an open outlook, and in case the next woman I’m involved with expresses an interest in experimenting with dildos, I’m entirely on board!

  9. Avatar photo

    Awesome lesbian sex isn’t about the positions at all in my opinion. All these poses and angles are more important for porn, to make the video more spectacular and arousing. In real life, other things are important (kissing, touching, caressing, etc.)

  10. Avatar photo

    Tribbing looks about as exhausting or ridiculous as cowgirl or reverse cowgirl is when having sex with a guy, which isn’t too bad. It’s just a matter of angle from the look of it. The “scissor” position where you face each others’ feet doesn’t look terribly intimate or comfortable though. Thankfully there appears to be many different tribbing positions, not just “scissor”.

  11. Avatar photo

    I luv it when my gf and I scissor together and grind. I love to look into her eyes as we both cum and cum and cum! I enjoy slowly grinding my beaver against my GF’s, I am bushy she is shaved, she says it (the friction of my pubic hair) makes her sooo wet and horny, we slowly start grinding and keep going faster and faster till we explode in an intense O!

  12. Avatar photo

    I do a lot of passionate kissing and cuddling with my former relationships. And a mix of hand job and oral. Oh, you sure know what to do if the heat’s up. 😀

  13. Avatar photo

    Am i the only one who thinks clit – to clit stimulation is the best feeling ever? Especially compared to penetration. The feeling when you’re both overly wet, gliding, and direct clit to clit… when you cum, it’s an incredible feeling.

    1. Avatar photo

      No you’re not alone!) My fave sex position is when i’m lying back and she’s sitting between my legs with our pu$$ies touching, and we suck eachother’s nipples.

  14. Avatar photo

    As a 22-year-old female, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to explore lesbian sex. Despite being attracted to women, I always ended up falling for straight girls, or my dates just didn’t progress in that direction. Even though I am not a virgin and have past experiences with men, the thought of a feminine sexual encounter makes me anxious. I’m particularly intrigued by the concepts of mutual grinding and scissoring, but I’m unsure if these activities are generally enjoyed by other women. It seems that these acts often float around as myths in discussions about lesbian sex.

    1. Avatar photo

      Absolutely, tribbing is a very real thing

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