145. Zombie

Sex position #145 - Zombie. (69 sex position, oral sex, sitting, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image



Not all couples can love each other through oral sex as it’s a real art which makes the whole body tremble from the dance of hands, mouth, tongue, lips and delicate feelings of your partner. The man sits, his legs are bent slightly at the knees and driven apart. The woman get with her back to him and fully leans forward for her head to be between the male partner’s feet and hands to be standing on her palms near his knees, and feet to be from the outside of the man’s hips. He puts his hands on the back of is mistress and the couple has original oral sex.

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  1. DI

    Me and my 17 year old gf were looking for different moves to try. Found this and tried it. Best bj ever. I also fingered her ass while eating her out

    1. Noah

      Geddon bey

  2. Graham Goode

    Tryna find a skin flick with a girl doing that position


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