Sex position #188. Hero

Sex position #188 - Hero. (kneeling, right angle). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

To be a hero in life is a very great achievement, and work on oneself. To be a hero in bed is a big bonus for the one, who will be there for you, but remember, that the heroes have a dual responsibility and have no right to make mistakes. The woman lies with her buttocks on a pillow, arms are extended along the body, one leg is bent in knee, the other one is straight. The male partner is located sideward of his beloved on his knees, his legs are driven apart. One hand the man puts on the woman’s crotch and caresses it, with the second hand he takes up the ankle on the straight leg.

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Comments (8)
  1. kiran

    Hero is good for feet lovers and eye-to-eye sex…..

    1. ps

      Comment…do you love to get fucked by me

  2. Rohan

    Fucking hot

  3. Brittany Sharp

    I want to try it

  4. Lovely


  5. Ernest

    Comment…this hero style men I love it, gona try it some day

  6. Bec

    Can’t wait to get fucked nice and hard like this

  7. Lillian Kline

    I will show this to my husband. <3 we going have a good time

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