8. Boat

Sex position #8 - Boat. (from behind, lying down, man on top, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image



Touching every centimeter of the bodies, you feel deeper and feel more, you work as a single organism, which is driven by desire. The woman lies comfortably on her belly, opens her legs and lifts sexually the upper part of her body, leaning confidently on her elbows. The man is on top, placing his legs between the female partner’s legs leaning on his knees and hanging over her, leaning on his hands that are on sides from her shoulders. The couple is free to be kissing the man has access to his mistress’ shoulders and of course, the groans are mixed with hot breath.

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  1. pet-hole

    Comment…Romantically matured! Brlng it On,babe!

  2. Edward

    Would love to try this position


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