Sexy R&B Bedroom Playlist. Hot love making music

This page contains the Best Sex Music Playlist that will set the “right mood” when you and your other half are alone in your bedroom. Slow, chill and sensual jams will help you relax and create a great sexy atmosphere for making love, erotic massage, or foreplay. If you like sweet and sexy RnB musiс – you are in the right place as we collect the best here. We are constantly adding new playlists, so make sure you make a bookmark for this page!)

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Best RnB “Bedroom” Playlist. Sexy and Freaky 👅

Love Making Music – Bedroom Mix (Slow, Sexy, Chill) ❤️

Hot Sexy Songs. Love Making Music Playlist 🔥

Sexy music. Smooth Beat Mix 👄 Chill r&b instrumental

Romantic music for lovemaking 💋. Mellow songs Mix

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Sexy Playlist 🌹 Sensual Music Mix

Best Midnight Mix ❤️ Slow Sexual Chill

Best Bedroom Playlist 🔥 Sexy R&B Slow Sensual Mix

Bedroom Music 👅 Seductive Songs To Have Sex To

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Best Bedroom Mix 💗 Sexy Slow Jams Playlist

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  1. Oliver

    Nothing but kissing, licking, touching breathing, slow strokes, eyes rolling⛲

  2. George

    When She’s Coming Over To Your Place For The First Time And You’re a Hip hop freak with Zero RnB songs On Your Playlist ‍♂️ Thanks For This Compilation

  3. Emma

    Planning a romantic night for the husband’s birthday next month. Listening to this, I think I’m pregnant already… Lol

  4. Olivia

    This vibe + dark room + cold + your man❤️

  5. Ava

    I wonder how many children was made during this playlist

  6. Isabella

    I’m just doing the dishes while listening to this. Lol.

  7. Harry

    I feel like most people are just jammin to this not even with their boo

  8. Sophia

    When you’re just vibing in your room by yourself w no boo

  9. Jack

    Quarantine & Chill Everyone be safe… Much

  10. Charlotte

    Imagine being in the bedroom with your partner .. having candles on and rose pedals every where with this playlist on the speaker with the bass booming

  11. Jacob

    How many babies made so far? I’m just in my room folding laundry‍♀️

  12. Mia

    I credit you for my soon coming first born daughter, thanks!! May come back here in a year or two!!!

  13. Noah

    1% that is actually getting freaky to this, do not comment on here.

  14. Amelia

    Where my virgins at though

  15. Harper

    Am here listening with no man’s‍♀️‍♀️ anyway let me listen for then

  16. Evelyn

    My boyfriend just put me to bed, low key just thought about proposing and getting him pregnant

  17. Charlie

    Me and my girl drunk playing a stripping cards game to this

  18. Abigail

    Ok y’all I heard that Persian rugs joint and I rode it all the way home. My legs sore the next day but it was worth it ✌

  19. Muhammad

    Bold of you to assume i can last 50 minutes

  20. Emily

    I love that literally all the comments have to do with being single ❤️

  21. Thomas

    Who else is listening to this in bed, thinking abt that someone…

  22. Elizabeth

    I’m not single; just listening, it’s 11pm, and im not in a “bedroom” relationship but still jammin

  23. Oscar

    Anyone else chilling to this in quarantine? Stay safe everyone

  24. William

    Single af but still jamming to this

  25. Mila

    Love getting a playlist that’s fire from start to finish

  26. Ella

    Henny , weed , chocolate, wick candle , washed sheets , neat room , dimmed lights , slow jams on speaker , a submissive woman , slow neck kisses . I’m tryna catch uhh vibe baby I’m tryna see you take it off ma

  27. Avery

    I be done smashing jst half way of the first two tracks the rest of the tracks cn be playing til we chill n catch a breathe ❤️

  28. James

    I’m saying this RnB and I will always say this: songs about sex (or sexual songs) will always be fire asf

  29. Henry

    I’m a virgin and my girl is. Listening to this is making me excited to end that

  30. Sofia


  31. Camila

    This would be nice……if i actually had someone to sleep with lol

  32. Aria

    Lordt geezus it’s always comment i didn’t care about that end up blowing up haha thanks, also do y’all need some water? Kool aid? Or somethin

  33. Scarlett

    Is it just me or does anyone else work out to songs like this? And I’m talking about gym workouts not bedroom ones

  34. Victoria

    If i don’t lose my v card to this mix this year amma be pissed….

  35. Leo

    I’m in my bedroom so that counts

  36. Madison

    I can’t stop myself to imagine how I would dance to my boo

  37. Alfie

    I listen and think of my ex-girlfriend. Even if she has someone else now …

  38. Joshua

    Lol. I heard that,!. I go to work everyday to pay bills but it brings me in contact with customers =so when i get home, I stay in the opposite side of the house as her and our daughter to maximize protection. So far so good but damn, shit get lonely. Baby makin music got me thinking of my other half minute by minute and to be real about it,I ain’t even gonna lie or sugar coat it… shit been tryin to separate us constantly and it’s been a struggle for us to keep everything as one ? One thing is for certain, I love you Teanne from Sota, Fla… like you’ve never been loved before. We’ll make it, whether we gotta hit the lowest of the lows or change up our routines to where we just come and go fir a while. The point is, I’m not gonna let defeat and despair take ahold of what we’ve worked 5 years to mold. Things arent always smiles and champagne and its these rough patches that make us withstand this type of shit I the future. Remember that. I’m here for you, with you, and because of you… Until the end, I’ll be here with you. ♾♾♾♾♾♾

  39. Luna

    Congratulations to all of you, you are now parents!

  40. Grace

    For real I don’t have a partner but I still listen to this, this makes me calm..

  41. Chloe

    I found my love ❤️❤️❤️ it’s a different vibe listening with your soulmate it hits a little different, I pray everyone finds their somebody, be patient it will come

  42. Freddie

    After a few seconds I was like “damn this already starts good”. perfect playlists.

  43. Penelope

    Ppl be asking me why I act all corny and sexually when I don’t do realtionship and I be like it’s complicated but really it’s bc I be listening to stuff like this bc im a low-key freak but don’t wanna give this v-card to anyone lol
    Yes I know I’m confusing
    NO JUDGING (am I the only one though?)

  44. Layla

    Smooth sexy set reminders me of being engulfed by intimacy.

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