Sexy R&B Bedroom Playlist. Hot love making songs

Hello my dear friend! ✋🏻😀 Please 🙏 support our new YouTube Music Channel 👉 Sexy Vibe 👈. This is our first Sexy music Playlist and it really needs your 👍 to become more popular. We will also be very grateful if you share your favorite👄👅 SEXY SONGS💕🛌🎼 with us in the comments and maybe we will include them in our next hot sexy playlist.👌


  1. Tasha. Xo

    Trey Songs: A3
    Jacquees: Persian Rugs
    Jeremih: All the time
    Tory Lanez: Henny in Hand
    The Weekend: What you need
    ‍♀️??: Pick up the phone
    PND: Things & Such
    Jacquees: No questions
    The Weekend: Gone
    Cashmere Cat ft The Weekend: Wild Love
    Justin Bieber: Pyd
    Trey Songs: Come over
    Jacquees: Bet I
    Jeremih ft Jhene Aiko: Worthy
    Jacquees: Feel it
    Jacquees: Lay ya down
    Ariana Grande: Let me love you
    MIKExANGEL: Savage
    Jacquees: Sex so good
    Trey Songs: Love faces
    Tinashe: Aquarius
    Seyvin Streeter: It won’t stop
    Chris Brown: Sex
    TYuS: Silhouette
    Chris Brown: Glow in the dark ( Bonous)
    Trey Songs: Don’t play
    Trey Songs: Come and see me
    PS ( I forgot to add the song that goes “coffe in the morning” because it hurt my ears it was horrible )
    WARNING-some of the songs are not on Spotify I’ve tried it and my heart shattered
    Thank me later x

  2. William bonnie

    Is that right


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